China International Hardware Show:8–10 October 2021

CIHS 2019 Supporting Programme

Date    Event & Activity Location
10.10   China International Hardware Show Industry Development Summit Activity Area, Hall 1.2
10.10   eBay e-commerce Procurement and Negotiation Matchmaking Meeting Room
10.10   Blue Dragon Sword Nailing Industry 2019 Dealer Annual Meeting Forum Area, Hall 1.2
10.10   Lock King Competition (Open the lock challenge) Forum Area, Hall 1.2
10.10   200,000 Rolling Pools "Simple Construction and Prohibition of Thieves" Forum Area, Hall 1.2
10.10 Intellectual Lock Purchase Festival Forum Area, Hall 1.2
10.10   Intellectual Lock New product release conference Forum Area, Hall 1.2
10.10   2019 China International Hardware Show Reception Dinner; Intercontinental Shanghai Hongqiao NECC
10.11   The Beauty of Made in China Manufacturing Exchange Summit Forum Area, Hall 1.2
10.11   "Golden Hook Award" China Locks and Technological Equipment Design Competition Booth for "Golden Hook Award"
10.11   ECU Technical Training Seminar Forum Area, Hall 1.2
10.11   Smart Lock Forum Lockset Acticity Area
10.10-10.11   Cutting, Grinding and Polishing Technology Forum Hall 1.2 B-130
10.10-10.11   European, American, Japanese and Korean Buyers' Purchasing Meeting Lockset Area Hall 1.2
10.10-10.12   Smart Lock dealer negotiation Lockset Area Hall 1.2

More events and activities await you onsite! Hall 1.2

China International Hardware Show is about to amaze the industry in

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