Shanghai, China 21-23 October 2024

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Foreign Trade Channel Development Forum (Online Channel) - Digital leading the new future

Digital leading the new future Cross-border E-commerce Forum will examination companies and other industry giants to help the hardware industry to achieve a high-speed expansion in the overseas market to promote Chinese high-quality tools and hardware products to the global end consumers.

Digital leading the new future

Conference background

Since the global epidemic began in 2020, online consumption has skyrocketed. A large number of traditional trade orders in China have also begun to be traded online, the demand for cross-border e-commerce exports has increased significantly.

According to a report released by the Ministry of Commerce not long ago, the annual import and export value of cross-border e-commerce (including B2B) in 2022 will be 2.11 trillion yuan, an increase of 9.8%. Among them, exports reached 1.55 trillion yuan, up 11.7 percent year-on-year. Since entering 2023, a series of support policies have been introduced to improve customs clearance efficiency, cultivate and expand overseas warehouses, reduce export return costs of cross-border e-commerce enterprises, improve logistics infrastructure for cross-border ecommerce development, and promote the development of comprehensive cross-border ecommerce pilot zones with high quality, which will further boost the confidence of relevant enterprises to sail to sea..

Under such a big background, the hardware industry should follow the trend of the times and seize this opportunity. This cross-border e-commerce forum will specially invite well-known giants to help the hardware industry to achieve a high-speed expansion in overseas market, to promote Chinese high-quality tools and hardware products globally.




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